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Emergency Operations & Crisis Management Planning

The time to plan for an emergency is before it occurs. Emergency operation plans are specific directives for how an organization's members should react to emergencies. Crisis management plans are a broad overview of how an organization will navigate crisis. RISC can assist in formatting plans for dangerous situations like an active shooter or fire. We can also help create plans for navigating business concerns like a public relations crisis or supply chain shortage. 


Emergency Drills

If you want your organization to preform well during an emergency, it is imperative that you practice. RISC can assist in planning round-top scenario exercises for management, large-scale hands-on drills for all members, or anything in between. These drills are customized to the needs and abilities of each organization.


Building Design

One of the best ways to improve the security and safety of a facility is through design. At RISC, we use a system called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Rather than using barbed wire and barred windows, CPTED focuses on ways to improve security and safety through aesthetically pleasing measures that are customized to each organization. Whether you are looking for simple recommendations regarding landscaping and furniture lay-out or are in the planning phase of constructing a facility, RISC can help make sure your clients and employees feel safe. 

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